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Help, I Need a Custom Remote Control for My Product! (Part 2)

Picture of a man using a remote control in a hotel room
In this post, we will discuss the process of developing a custom hospitality remote control by utilizing a standard remote control enclosure. This will include product requirements, specifications, things to consider, project milestones, and the final deliverables. All of the standard Celadon remote control and receiver enclosures can be found at: https://celadon.com/oem-products/ Developing a custom…
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Help, I Need a Custom Remote Control for My Product! (Part 1)

Image of high-end medical imaging device
Developing and producing a custom remote control for a new product can be a daunting task. There are many different suppliers in the USA, Europe, and Asia with various capabilities, products and limitations. How do you determine what you need and what supplier you would like to work with? This is the first article of…
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Project Spotlight – Slim Devices

3D rendering of a custom remote control enclosure
Several years ago, we engaged with a startup in Mountain View, California called Slim Devices. They were a small consumer electronics manufacturer, developing a product that would stream MP3 files from a PC to a home theater. Slim Devices contracted with Celadon to design and manufacture a custom remote control for their new product called…
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Global Semiconductor Shortages and the Outlook for 2024

This is an excellent article that summarizes the semiconductor supply chain disruptions that we experienced over the last few years, due to a perfect storm of circumstances ranging from the COVID-19 pandemic, massive increases in demand of electronics from work from home employees, a fire at a Renesas semiconductor factory in Japan and a drought in Taiwan that impacted semiconductor fabs throughput.

Celadon used these supply chain disruptions as an opportunity to update older circuit designs and standardize a newer, lower cost and more efficient microcontrollers. We were also able to partner with a large Korean semiconductor manufacturer to help guarantee component availability in a reasonable lead-time. A summary of our custom tooling and PCB development services can be found here: https://celadon.com/custom-tooling-pcb-development/

It is encouraging to see that while there are some global challenges, the outlook for 2024 is positive. We are seeing lead-times return closer to pre-COVID levels as fab capacity is increasing and demand is normalizing.

Global microchip shortage recap and the outlook for 2024
(Bild: valerybrozhinsky - stock.adobe.com) Since the emergence of the pandemic some four years ago, the semiconductor and microchips industry has faced significant fluctuations worldwide, influenced primarily by factors such as supply chain disruptions and shifting consumer demands.
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What is a “Low Volume Remote Control”?

Picture of 5 different remote control models from Celadon
Celadon offers a small product line of low volume remote controls and receivers. These are "off the shelf" products that can be easily customized for software development, prototyping and smaller volume applications below the standard minimum order quantity. Many clients will use the low volume product line for beta testing or pilot production with the…
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Project Spotlight – Philips Medical

Detail image of a custom remote control with keypad, overlay and molded enclosure
Several years ago, we were approached by Philips Medical Systems to design and produce a semi-custom remote control that was to be used for a new Tele-Health initiative. The scope of the project was to develop an IR remote control that would communicate with their custom set-top box (STB), using an existing remote control enclosure.…
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Ocean Freight Shipping Lead-Times

Picture of a large container ship approaching a berth
I am happy to report good news from our freight forwarder. Ocean freight lead-times have come down from the Covid-19 highs of 12-16 weeks to a pre-Covid normal of 4-6 weeks. While the actual shipping time from Korea to Los Angeles is only 10-12 days, the great majority of the lead-time is unloading the containers,…
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Bluetooth LE Pairing – Step by Step

This is an excellent article on Bluetooth pairing and provides a general overview of the pairing process. A remote control control would typically pair to a single device, like a set-top box or camera, and use either a Secure Connection (SC) or Legacy Pairing Method. A remote would normally be used in a private environment, where the security requirements would be lower than devices used in a public space.

Celadon works closely with clients to define functional and security requirements for Bluetooth products to ensure optimum performance and usability.

Celadon provides free consultation services to discuss any new Infrared, Radio Frequency, or custom product development projects. Please complete the Contact Us form on our website and a representative will contact you. https://celadon.com/contact-us/

Understanding Bluetooth LE Pairing—Step by Step - Technical Articles
Pairing is an important concept in Bluetooth LE. Let’s examine the fundamentals of Bluetooth LE pairing, outlining how LE devices securely share keys between trusted devices.