Bluetooth LE Pairing – Step by Step

This is an excellent article on Bluetooth pairing and provides a general overview of the pairing process. A remote control control would typically pair to a single device, like a set-top box or camera, and use either a Secure Connection (SC) or Legacy Pairing Method. A remote would normally be used in a private environment, where the security requirements would be lower than devices used in a public space.

Celadon works closely with clients to define functional and security requirements for Bluetooth products to ensure optimum performance and usability.

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General Specifications

Cable Connector: 
Cable Length: 
Feedback LED: 
Back Label: 

Technical Specifications

Power Consumption: 
Transmission Distance: 
IR Frequency Options: 
RF Frequency Options: 
Operating Temperature: 
Storage Temperature: 
Humidity Range: 

Available Options

Custom Codes: 
Carrier Frequency: 
Cable Length: 
Cable Connector: 
Connector Type: 
Case Color: 
Case Size: 
RF Option: 


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