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Celadon was established in 1991 to continue production and support of the CORE (Controller of Remote Equipment) remote control, which was originally designed by Steve Wozniak (of Apple Computer) in 1985 through his company CL9. Celadon obtained the product rights for the CORE remote control and later changed the name to the PIC-100 (Programmable Infrared Controller). The PIC-100 was the first remote control on the market with learning capabilities, the ability to use macro functions, advanced programmable timers and a serial port. The PIC-100 was eventually discontinued and Celadon moved to an OEM/ODM model of manufacturing custom remote control and receiver products.

Celadon has a large selection of standard remote control and receiver enclosures, which can be easily customized for a variety of infrared (IR), radio frequency (RF) or wired applications. Celadon can provide industrial, mechanical and electronic design services for customized programming, printed circuit board assemblies (PCBA), plastic enclosures or other unique product requirements.

Celadon has production facilities in South Korea, China and Thailand to provide its customers with OEM Remote Control and Receiver products for consumer, medical, educational and industrial remote control applications. Celadon is a privately held corporation located in San Rafael, CA.

Celadon Capabilities 

  • Infrared Remote Controls: 36-455KHz, IRDA, Bi-Directional Systems
  • Radio Frequency Remotes: 27MHz-2.4GHz, Industry Standard or Proprietary
  • Receiver Modules: IR, RF, USB, RS232, IRDA, TTL, PCBA, Internal/External
  • Custom Features: Learning, Universal Libraries, LCD Display, Backlit Keypad, etc.
  • 50+ Standard Remote Control and Receiver Enclosures
  • Industrial Design, Mechanical Design and Electronic Design Services
  • Custom Tooling Design and Fabrication
  • Custom PCB Design/Layout and Microcontroller Programming
  • Contract Manufacturing of Electronic Products
  • Manufacturing Facilities in South Korea, China and Thailand
  • Shipping Logistics for Ocean/Air Freight, Customs Clearance, Warehousing, etc.

Celadon Advantages

  • US Based Sales/Project Management Team for Ease of Communication
  • Focus on Low/Mid Volume Production
  • Standard Off the Shelf Products for Proof of Concept and Prototyping
  • Design Flexibility – Turnkey Manufacturing or ODM Services
  • 50+ Standard Tools – Reduce Development Cost and Lead-Times
  • Offshore Engineering Support – Lower Product Development Costs
  • Local Engineering Support – Available for Complex Projects
  • Range of Packaging Options – Bulk Packing though Retail Packaging
  • Shipping Logistics Services – Cost Effective, Global Delivery Options

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