Ocean Freight Shipping Lead-Times

I am happy to report good news from our freight forwarder. Ocean freight lead-times have come down from the Covid-19 highs of 12-16 weeks to a pre-Covid normal of 4-6 weeks. While the actual shipping time from Korea to Los Angeles is only 10-12 days, the great majority of the lead-time is unloading the containers, clearing customs and having the freight ready to release to the warehouse. Once the freight is received, we can generally turn the shipment around within a few days and ship to UPS, FedEx or a customer’s preferred carrier.

All shipments will be inspected for any damage that might have occurred during transportation from Korea. Any damaged cartons will be either repaired or repackaged.

All shipments also include a shipping mark on each carton that include pertinent order information like Customer, Part Number, PO Number and Quantity per Carton.

Picture of a large container ship approaching a berth

General Specifications

Cable Connector: 
Cable Length: 
Feedback LED: 
Back Label: 

Technical Specifications

Power Consumption: 
Transmission Distance: 
IR Frequency Options: 
RF Frequency Options: 
Operating Temperature: 
Storage Temperature: 
Humidity Range: 

Available Options

Custom Codes: 
Carrier Frequency: 
Cable Length: 
Cable Connector: 
Connector Type: 
Case Color: 
Case Size: 
RF Option: 


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