What is a “Low Volume Remote Control”?

Picture of 5 different remote control models from Celadon

Celadon offers a small product line of low volume remote controls and receivers. These are “off the shelf” products that can be easily customized for software development, prototyping and smaller volume applications below the standard minimum order quantity.

Many clients will use the low volume product line for beta testing or pilot production with the goal of transitioning to OEM production, after receiving user feedback and making any final design enhancements.

Each remote control in the low volume product line has unique features, but they can all transmit the NEC IR protocol, which is an industry standard code and can be decoded by all of the Celadon low volume receiver products. IR protocol information for each remote is available, if a customer chooses to use their own IR receiver and decoder.

All of the low volume remote control models that Celadon offers can be customized through the use of a keypad overlay. This is a polyester or mylar label that fits within a recessed area around the keypad of the remote control. The overlay can be used to mask off any unused buttons on the remote control to create a unique key layout. It would also be printed, using either a screen printing or digital printing process, with a background color and any preferred text, graphics and artwork to create a semi-custom remote control.

The final assembly process is as simple as removing any unused keys from the remote control and attaching the overlay to the front panel of the remote control. Typically, small cutters would be used to remove the majority of the keycap, so that it falls below the surface of the plastic enclosure. The overlay is reverse printed to protect the artwork and laminated with an adhesive layer to attach to the face of the remote control. Celadon can provide final assembly services or a customer might choose the perform this function themselves.